Avi Aizenman

Avi Aizenman, Vision Science PhD Candidate: UC Berkey

I am a currently a graduate student in the Vision Science PhD program at the University of California, Berkeley working in the lab of Professor Dennis Levi. My research includes projects relating to eye movements and perception. These projects include understanding how abnormal eye movements influence perceptual stability and attention in clinical populations (such as amblyopia), as well as eye tracking in virtual reality. Previously, I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Jeremy Wolfe's Visual Attention Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. During my time at the Visual Attention Lab I worked on projects investigating radiological search, and what search strategies radiologists use. I was also involved in projects related to Hybrid Search, which is the combination (or hybrid) of visual search and memory search. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Brandeis University where I worked with Dr. Robert Sekuler on projects exploring audiovisual integration and the role of musicianship. I plan to continue my work in understanding the visual system in graduate school and beyond.

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Name Avi Aizenman
Address Minor Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720
Phone 510-643-8733